Best Ways to Be on Top of Your Mail Mess

Do you feel overwhelmed by the constant overflow of letters, bills, and junk mail in your mailbox? Yes? Don’t feel defeated though. Be ready to be triumphant over your mail mess by following these tips.

Get rid of junk mail right away. Junk mail is usually comprised of printed ads which are inserted directly into your mailbox or handed to you when you’re outdoors. Instead of bringing your junk mail home, toss it into the first trash bin you’ll pass by.

Check on your mailbox  regularly. It is best to set a time for this than wait for the time when your mailbox or mail holder is full. Make sure that your mail holder is accessible and easily seen so that you can’t forget about tidying it up.

Sort your mail. Divide your mail into three sections – ‘things that require action’, ‘things to file’ and ‘things to trash’. Open  each mail and classify it according to the three labels you created. Prioritize your action items. Pay your bills right,  respond to letters and call or meet whomever you need to call or meet. By taking immediate action, you lessen the possibility of accumulating mail mess.

Go digital.  Consider going digital with your bills and subscriptions. Many engage in paperless payments as well; why don’t you try it?  This can eliminate a big part, if not half, of your mail. This will allow you to save time as well.mailbox overflow