Positive Things to Say to Yourself Daily

self-talkParenting is exhausting. If you don’t get the support you need from your partner and loved ones, parenting can cause you to lose a healthy self-image. The good news is you can overcome exhaustion from parenting by talking to yourself positive thoughts. Here is a short list of encouraging phrases that

I am enough. This statement allows you to make peace with your limitations. By accepting who you are, you will find it easier to utilize your strengths for utmost productivity.

Make it happen. Your dreams will remain dreams if you don’t make them happen. Remember that no one else will help you but yourself. If you want something completed today, make it happen.

Stay focused.  Distractions are inevitable.  They will keep your eyes from being focused on your goals. Stay positive. Keep your chin up and your feet on the ground. If you happen to stumble along the way, pick yourself up and keep moving towards the finish line.

Trust yourself. Base your decisions and plans to success according to what will work for you. Although you can learn a lot from the success stories of other people, you must not pattern every bit of your plan after theirs because you’re a totally different person from them.

Failure is stepping stone and not the end of everything. Don’t allow failure to break your spirit. Learn from it and use it as a means to success.  Be mindful of what caused your failure so that you can avoid it next time.


Key Tips on Keeping Empowered Thoughts

Your thoughts shape your identity — your womanhood. Being an empowered woman starts from cultivating empowering thoughts in your head. How? Here are the best practices  you must observe everyday.

1. Scrutinize your thoughts – What kind of thoughts fill your mental landscape?  Do you have doubtful or negative thoughts? If you have, be ready with the fact that change cannot happen  in your life. The first step to change or empowerment is to know what kind of thoughts rest in your mind.

2. Practice mindfulness   You cannot control the elements that influence the creation of thoughts in your head. However, you can practice mindfulness in order to filter the kind of thoughts that reign inside your head. By practicing mindfulness, you refuse to accept your thoughts as real. When negative thoughts are  disarmed in your head, they can no longer keep your mind and body from doing what is best.

paradigm-shift23. Practice self-compassion – Self-compassion involves creating a relationship with yourself. How does your dialogue with your own self go? Do you encourage yourself  or do you despise yourself? Be compassionate to your inner being and lift yourself up by thinking positive thoughts.

4. Have a paradigm shift – A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in your underlying assumptions that influence how you approach people or circumstances. Your thoughts create your reality. If your thoughts are stuck with old concepts that don’t contribute to your self-improvement, drop the all and engage in a paradigm shift instead of wasting hours  recounting all the things that you don’t want to do yet you’re able to do. Command your thoughts by directing them to your goals.

Seven Qualities of an Empowered Woman

powerAn extraordinary woman is hard to find these days. Nonetheless, men are still looking  to find one. Do you know what it takes to  acquire and enjoy such label? Read the following traits and how you may exude them.

Responsibility – A responsible woman doesn’t complain about her life, other people, and circumstances specifically the negative ones. She also doesn’t blame anything or anyone else for her life. She knows that everything is a product of her choices and so she makes sure that she makes good choices.

Honor – She knows her innate worth. Her opinion of herself is what matters most to her. She celebrates who she is and what she does. She values  herself and it is shown in the way she dresses, talks and relates to other people.

Empowered – She deliberately chooses the thoughts and feelings she wants to keep as these will keep her empowered in achieving the kind of life she wants to live. On the other hand, she allows herself to be compassionate and gentle in certain situations.

Realistic – She pictures the kind of woman she wants to be and she lives in the present and does everything to achieve that image. She knows her strengths and limitations. Therefor, she doesn’t try to be anyone else. She simply strives to be the best version of her unique self.

Joy – She doesn’t focus on work alone. She lives life to the fullest by enjoying every bit of it with her loved ones. Even though she might be tough at times,  she knows how to bend a little and play.

Love –  She focuses on loving herself and other people.  She loves to contribute to other people’s well-being. She knows how and when to release negative circumstances and people.

Respect – She treats herself with  respect. She is respectful, loving and kind in her dealings with others. She sets boundaries and standards – what she can do, can allow and can accept from others.