How to Instill Positivity in Your Child

Positivity is essential in building a foundation for their future wellness. When kids learn how to think positive from a young age, they will have a much greater chance of leading happy, healthy, and successful lives as adults. Here are some tricks that can help your child think positively everyday:

1) Model positivity. When you have a child, being conscious of your thoughts becomes a clear goal as you see them begin to mimic your moods, speech, and actions toward others.
Find a positive perspective in your experiences, and explain why the choice you made is important. Adults know that the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but children can forget this awareness at their age. Be someone they can learn from through both success and failure.



2) Help your child believe that they can be their best. Even if your child fails at something, motivate them to pick themselves up and carry on. If your child was expecting to win first place at the science fair but didn’t, acknowledge their feelings. Talk about the cool projects, and how they can be inspired for their next project. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is say that you tried your best, look forward, and that another opportunity will be on the way.

3) Teach your child problem solving. Problem solving is a critical skill kids need to gain confidence, continue thinking positive, and excel in life. Help them learn about the problem and what created it, then how to move past it and focus on a solution. Thinking of solution as quickly as possible will encourage them to always think positive, and be confident that answers are always out there.

4) Surround your child with a positive and uplifting environment. Explain to them that they are a product of the people they spend the most time with, and to try to associate with other people who also think positive. From this fertile positive environment, they can move forward in helping others think positive as well.


Buying Your Husband a Shirt: A Brief Guideline

Do you love buying shirts for your husband? Does he like your choices? Has he worn any of the shirts you gave? It is quite painful to learn that he doesn’t like the shirts you gave. With that you might need some tips on buying the right piece he’ll love. I listed below five of the things I take note when shopping for a shirt for my man.

Blue-Dress-Shirts-209x300Fabric – Ask assistance from the salesperson around. Tops made of cotton are what most males wear today. Cotton fabric allows the wearer to feel cool even under warm weather.

Chest size – Have his measurements listed. Nothing beats the accuracy you will get if he can actually wear the shirt. If he’s not with you ask someone around whose built is similar to your husband, to fit the tops you are eyeing on. Check on the cuts too. Some cuts come too tapered that they are best worn only by slim men.

Collar – Button the collar. Put your two middle fingers in between the collar and the neck. Observe if you can do so without touching the neck. If you cannot do that, choose the next size or opt for custom-made dress shirts.

Sleeve length – The bottom part of the cuffs should touch the indent of his wrist. If he will wear it under a jacket or a suit, have it 1 ½ inches longer.

Width of the shoulders – A seam connects the sleeves of a men’s dress shirt to its body. Use the seam as your guide in checking the fit of the shoulder area. Locate whether the seam rests appropriately on the parts where it should start or curve downward. The appearance of the seam will give you an idea to look for a bigger or smaller top.

Other Ways for Kids to Enjoy Piano Lessons

Having parents teach their children how to play piano is another way to make learning enjoyable for these young beginners. If you do not have appropriate skills for that, surf the internet for the best tutorial programs that could enhance your child’s love for playing the piano. Do not jump on the first few programs you will encounter online. Spend time to examine first which tutorial websites match with your needs and preferences.

Avoid falling into the assumption too that the ideal program to use in teaching piano music for beginners should cost a fortune or involve a great deal of time for the learners. This is not true all the time. There are many excellent piano courses online that can make your children and beginners learn the basics of playing the piano quickly without requiring their parents to spend a lot on the lesson fees.

Kids-PianoChoose programs including important lessons on various theories of music, musical notes and proficiency in sight reading, identification of piano chords, recognition of pitch and the procedures in learning the skill as well.
Search added activities too like hand exercises and proper positioning of each finger over the keys. They can aid any beginner pianist in learning and practicing their skills when playing solo piano music.

Making children learn by heart the essentials of piano music for beginners is the key for them to master playing the instrument and perform confidently in the future. As they improve their skills, there will come a time the resources available for them will no longer suit their learning needs and styles. Parents and mentors should be creative then in providing comprehensive and effective lessons that will usher easy and speedy learning to these young beginners.

Helpful Ideas On Getting Your Kids To Love Reading

Reading to them aloud while they are young is the most effective way to encourage your children to love reading books. Reading to them while they can’t read yet is best. Why? Doing so inculcates in your children fondness to see pictures, listen to your voice, and turn cardboard pages.

Use reading together a special time when you hold your kids and share the pleasure of a story instead of using gadgets to play games together. You may be surprised to find that a well-written children’s book is often as big a delight to you as it is to the kids.

Once they can read on their own, encourage them to read to you some of the time. This shared enjoyment will continue to strengthen your children’s interest and appreciation. Simply having books, magazines, and newspapers around your home will help children to view them as part of daily life. And your example of reading frequently and enjoying it will reinforce that view.

Consider paying a visit to your local library as well. When they see other people reading, they can get huge encouragement to keep on reading.

Raise Fit Kids – Make This Your Goal

Children who grow up in families where both parents are physically active are expected to be three times more likely to be active than kids whose parents are not active. This goes to show that children’s fitness depend on their parents’ fitness. This a great challenge among busy parents who are time poor due to a bunch of responsibilities upon their shoulders.

Quit talking them into fitness. Rather, stimulate their minds to think and set goals. Ask them what they love most and what they want to accomplish. Tell them how poor foods and sedentary lifestyles will hurt them and keep them from reaching their dreams. Use people they know who are sick or ill because of their lifestyle choices as clear examples for this.

Moving forward, teach your kids to read food labels to be cautious about overeating. Tell them to take the serving size out of the package and then put the package away, or order one pizza slice and if they’re hungry they can have more. Also teach them to identify ingredients they should avoid, like refined sugars, artificial colors and additives, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives.

Human Touch Therapy: Why Babies Need It

Massage of foots

Carrying your baby when she cries or when you are about to bathe or feed her is very different from touch therapy.Touch therapy is about gently making strokes on the baby’s skin in the purpose of making her feel calm or causing her to sleep. This includes the massage which parents usually do with their babies. Touch therapy is equal in importance with eating and sleeping for babies. This is because every stroke of the hand stimulates nerves in the brain that improve absorption of food and improve rapid weight gain. Additionally, it lowers stress levels and improves immune system functions.

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The Benefits Of Play To All Children


What kind of a mother are you? Are you the protective type who gets worried about your kids getting hurt? Well, if you are that type of a mom, you are most likely to be keeping your kids from playing under the sun for the fear that they can get injured.

Honestly, I used to be like this. But when I learned how active play changes the overall personality of a child (of course, in a positive way) I made it a point that I encourage my little ones to spend at least an hour a day to play.

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