Social Media And Your Kids

001 (4)Even though we don’t approve of it, kids will always find ways to get into social media. It is best then to allow them to use social with certain restrictions. Doing so will keep them from sneaking behind your back. Here are some tips that will help you monitor your kids’ social media.

Follow age suggestions – Facebook accepts potential members who are at least 13 years old. However, Facebook is incapable of strictly monitoring whether the young people who are trying to create an account are telling the truth. Talk to your kids and explain to them this age restriction and the reasons behind it.

Adjust privacy settings – Young users of social media are easy and defenseless targets of evil doers online. Advise your kids to keep their social media profiles private to ensure their online and offline safety.

Utilize filters – Research for filter software. Installing filters is helpful for you to get updated about your children’s internet activity. The good thing is filters can also be installed in your kids’ mobile phones.

Set rules – The primary rule that you should implement is adult-assisted is use of internet and registration to social platforms. Next, set a time limit. Do not allow your kids to surf the web for more than an hour. If possible, set only three days a week for their social media use.


Why Moms Should Blog

Blogging today has changed the way people update their families and friends (and everyone else) of they are going with life. I came across one article frowning upon mothers who blog about almost everything they do at home and at work. The author underscored of how this has become a major waste of time for most mothers who should be solely dedicating their time to caring for their children. While I agree that children must be prioritized  overall our responsibilities as mothers, we should not be hindered from blogging because…

  • It provides for us a great and productive way to relieve our stresses. In fact, it is a profitable way to relieve stress because…
  • We can earn through it so long as we share useful content that can help other moms and other  types  of readers. Many flourishing small businesses today have been spearheaded by blogger moms with great ideas which  soon turned into tangible products.
  • Blogging also provide inspiration for newbie moms not lose hope and just keep swimming like what Dory fish says 🙂  You know parenting, mothering can be tiresome. When you read about someone who understands what you are going through, you feel energized.


How To Protect Your Personal Information Online

Call me an internet paranoid, but I really believe that we need to do something to protect our identity. That is why I am sharing with you some tips on how to keep online identity thieves from using your personal information.

Keep your Facebook account private. There is an available privacy settings in your account, so put this to good use. Only your Facebook friends can view your updates, therefore not risking personal information to people you don’t know.

Do not post your complete name on all your social media accounts. You can get by with your first name and the initial of your last name like Sandy M., Lucy G., Anne B.

No date of birth or complete address please. A lot of social media users share these details and I feel uncomfortable with that. Any stranger with twisted mind can easily use these information to their advantage.

Don’t share your mother’s maiden name or any hint on your other personal background. Your close friends already know this, no need to broadcast these details to people you don’t know and don’t care about.

No need to broadcast where you will be going. What I do is to share where I have been, not where I will be going. You don’t know who will be going there to see you. So please don’t share too much personal information.