Co-Sleeping: Know Its Disadvantages and Solutions

Did you know that co-sleeping can cause family problems? Co-sleeping may look attractive and sweet at a first glance but it’s actually dangerous for the well-being of the whole family.

Co-sleeping can cause disruptive sleeping patterns to parents when practiced on a regular basis. Such disruptions will lead to sleep deprivation which in turn can affect the quality of the parents’ performance during the day. Parents who lack sleep can make  a lot of mistakes at work. Moreover, they might get inefficient in accomplishing all the household work and caring for their children during the day.

The following tips will keep you from giving in to co-sleeping.  Read up.

Create a bedtime routine – Children are comforted by routine. Create a series of activities which you will consistently follow during bedtime. This will help kids condition themselves to sleep.

Give your child a stuffed toy – A stuffed toy can keep your child company all night long. Sometimes, kids don’t want to sleep in their own beds because they are scared of being left alone. Tell your child that his stuffed friend will protect him in your absence.

Eliminate all bedtime delays – Ten minutes before your child goes to bed, escort him to the bathroom to pee, poo and brush his teeth. If he can’t sleep without drinking milk, let him drink a tall glass of milk half an hour before bedtime.

Play before bedtime – Kids don’t usually retire to sleep when they are full of energy. Drain all their energies by playing with them. They will fall into deep sleep quickly When they’re dead-tired.

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