Other Ways to Encourage Your Children to Love Music More

To those who are following my blog posts, this is a sequel to my previous entry about encouraging your children’s love for music. Please read up for more ideas. Enjoy! ūüėÄ

If you can, play music together with your ¬†children. Some parents cannot play an instrument. This is not a valid excuse though. You can clap your hands to the beat or sing along as your children play. Occasional participation in your children’s practice time will make it a rewarding and pleasant experience for both of you.

photo credit: adoptivefamiliescircle.com
photo credit: adoptivefamiliescircle.com

Make music a part of your family life. Take your children to recitals and concerts. Meeting well-known musicians will make lasting impressions on their young minds and hearts. This can motivate them to practice more and love music more than ever.

Give gifts with musical motif during certain occasions. These ¬†gifts can be for decorative, educational or entertainment purposes. Books and recordings can encourage ¬†your children to do better in their lessons. Decors in the form of your children’s favourite musical instruments can beautify their bedrooms. Musical games are fun to play and they can keep your children entertained without losing their focus on music.

Teach them the importance of learning music. No matter how young your children are, they will understand the importance of learning music in their lives ¬†as long as you’re patient and consistent ¬†enough to show it to them. Your children will not be motivated to learn and practice daily if they see that no one in the family attends musical concerts, listens to good music and appreciates music as part of daily living.


Encourage Your Children’s Love for Music with These Tips

Music is a moving force to the love so most children. As parents, it is easy for us to sense such musical inclination especially when pay attention to their interests wholeheartedly. While children may start eagerly with voice lessons or classes playing musical instruments, they may lose interest in them as time goes by. In such case, we parents must be patient to encourage and support them all the way.


Choose a good teacher.¬†A good music teacher is well-educated, has pleasing appearance and is likable by children. When students like their children, they look forward to their lessons and ¬†they perform well just to please their teacher. A knowledgeable teacher will choose that is skill appropriate and interesting to young children. Children enjoy their lessons more when they like the music they’re playing.

Buy the best instrument. Any child or adult will not enjoy practicing on a piano that has missing keys and is badly out of tune. Purchase a sturdy musical instrument and keep it well-maintained.

Encourage daily practice. Practicing daily becomes a normal routine. The best time for children to practice music is before or after school. If you plan for your children to have music lessons after class, make sure that they are well-rested and not hungry. Hungry and tired children will not cooperate during lessons no matter what. Moreover, make sure that your children have a room where they can practice playing music without distractions like television, computer games or other family activities.

Making Kids Learn and Enjoy Playing the Piano

Through time many mothers have dreamt of having children who can play any musical instrument especially the piano. This is why they do everything to support their children once the interest to play the instrument sparks in them. Mothers try their best to provide ideal piano music for beginners for them.

piano_kidTimes come when children feel bad about playing piano when dealing with difficult piano music pieces. You can always make them feel better by giving her easy piano sheet music for beginners that match their present skills. Knowing also the type of music pieces that interests them can also make them wanting to learn more lessons and play more music.

For example a child enjoys watching Disney cartoon programs or movies. The Disney tunes played in them could be very enticing for children. Actually, this type of music is aimed at building interest among beginners and children to love playing the piano and help them learn it easily. There are also programs that help eliminate boredom among children taking these lessons. In addition to easy piano sheet music for kids, incorporation of games in some piano video tutorials has also been a click among beginner pianists. Mp3 downloads of solo piano music for listening and e-books that can give them a wide selection of piano lessons are also some options you can try.