How to Celebrate the Season of Love with Your Whole Family

Valentine’s Day is not all about romantic love. In truth, it is about celebrating all kinds of love. Are you looking for ways to celebrate this special day with your family? Check out the following ideas.

Schedule a family day out. When you did not have kids yet, you probably spend this day on a cruise or  a simple dinner date.  Now that you cannot leave your kids behind you can plan to have a night stroll in the park. Drop by the nearest ice skating rink and spend a couple of hours or more there. Hold hands and skate with the kids. Have some  hot choco and donuts on your way home. Don’t forget to buy the kids heart-shaped balloons and teddy bears for remembrance.

Have a movie marathon at home.  Relax on the couch together with the kids. Flick the channels and see if there are must-see  family-oriented movies to be watched on this special day. If there are none, stick in the player the disc of your kids’ favorite movie. Don’t forget the pop corn. Cuddle each other as you watch.

Host a party at home. Many couples out there are spending Valentine’s Day with their kids too. Hosting a Valentine’s Day themed party at your house. Invite kids in your neighborhood to come together with their parents. Prepare craft materials that the kids will enjoy doing. You can ask their parents to bring some dishes enough to be shared among yourselves. While the kids are having, you can share meaningful conversations with other couples.

You can also watch this news video clip I stumbled upon. This is an example of a great activity that you can organize for your kids and family.