Quick Tips for Growing a Flower Garden This Summer

Any ordinary garden can be turned into a colorful showcase simply by adding summer flowers. You don’t have to be an experienced gardener to grow these blooming plants in your backyard. You just need to understand how to best make flowers blossom during summer. Here are some basics steps to start a flower garden.

1) Clear the ground and improve the quality of soil in your backyard. Remove the grass covering your planting area. For quick results, dig the soil to loosen it. Then cover the soil with organic matter to improve its quality. You can use decayed leaves, dry grass clippings or animal manure.

2) Check the amount of sunlight your garden receives. Building a flower garden requires a lot of energy from the sun. Most summer flowers need about 6 to 8 hours of sunlight everyday to stay healthy. You can use a sunlight calculator to check the average amount of sunlight in your garden.

3) Pick the right flowering plants. Read gardening catalogues and books or research flowering plants online to find the plants that are adapted to summer and to your location. Check out this infographic from Enchanted Landscapes to discover which flowers and shrubs are best to grow during summer.



4) Make sure that you have enough water supply. Flower seedlings should never dry out. They need constant watering until their roots are established. Flowers wilt easily during summer; therefore, you must have a large enough water supply. You can do this by keeping a water container in your garden. Water your flowers early in the morning because water evaporates easily in the heat of the sun.

5) Consider creating a landscape design. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a garden where you can sit comfortably, admiring the beauty of your flowers? You can achieve a beautiful floral colour scheme in your garden with a great landscape design. Your design can also incorporate furniture and other garden accessories which will encourage your family to enjoy outdoor games and activities. Consult a landscape professional if your budget allows it.

Creating a wonderful flower garden this summer requires a lot of diligence and patience. Water your flowers when needed. Pull the weeds. Apply appropriate amounts of fertilizer. Doing all these consistently will reward you with most admired garden in the neighborhood.