Truffle Hunting 101- Guide to Finding the Ultimate Culinary Treasure

Truffles are difficult to find and for this reason they are very expensive. These culinary treasures grow underground and finding them requires careful research and the nose of a well-trained truffle hunter.

Black truffles grow in France, Greece and Italy. They also grow in certain areas in North Africa where the soil is moist and warm soil after the rainy season.

Truffles will also flourish beneath the soil in Northern California. Californian truffles are usually grubbed for under fir trees from the months of June to September.

Hunting with trained dogs is key to a successful pursuit for truffles. Pigs were the original companions of truffle hunters. However, overtime, they were replaced by dogs because pigs eat every truffle they can find. Dogs dislike truffles, so they’re easier to train to hunt for these fungi without eating them. Furthermore, dogs are stronger and fitter and so are more suited to hunting than pigs.

There are at least five hints that can tell you where and how to start truffle hunting. These clues are helpful irrespective of the country or truffle orchard you’re in.

Big trees – Truffles can be found close to the roots of big trees. The shade of beech, fir or oak tree is an ideal breeding ground for truffles. Truffles would rarely grow a hundred feet away from their host trees.

Damp soil – Truffles grow perfectly in moist soil. You can always expect a patch of truffles to appear two weeks after a heavy rain.

Rodents – Chipmunks and rodents are agents of truffle propagation. Their fresh diggings in the woods will definitely reveal truffles, once you and your dog start looking.

Burnt areas – The exact places where truffles grow appear to be burnt and unfit for vegetation. This is caused by the hazardous organic compounds emitted by truffles as they grow.

Pungent scent – Truffles are known for their strong and unique scent. Only dogs and pigs can identify this scent.

Truffles are great delicacies and highly prized. Happy hunting!

Truffle Hunting - The Wild Food Adventure


Truffle Cuisine 101 – Tips On Cooking Truffles

Truffles are mushrooms that play a vital role in modern cooking. Food experts far and wide believe that truffles make everything a whole lot better. While this is true, it is important to know the different preparation guidelines for truffles to ensure they are utilized in the best way possible.

Truffles are best used and eaten as soon as they have been harvested. Full-grown truffles are often ideal for use in food preparation. They are known for their exotic fragrance that diffuses into the air and passes onto the other ingredients.

Since they grow in the ground, about half of the total weight of these mushrooms is comprised of soil. They must be cleaned thoroughly to remove the soil. Soil-free truffles reveal their real size and uncompromised aroma. Their earthy aroma is a major consideration as far as perfect amount per dish is concerned. About 10 grams of truffles is enough to make any dish smell and taste extraordinary. Food experts do not advise cooking these mushrooms without any other food items in the dish. They have to be combined with other ingredients that are mild flavoured. This allows their exquisite aroma and flavour to surface. This concept explains why simple dishes like omelettes, pastas and toasts just have truffle shavings on them.

The main role of truffles is to transform dishes to a higher level or version of their taste. However, dishes with food ingredients having strong flavours will not taste better with truffles. They will overpower the distinct taste of these rare mushrooms. Rice and polenta are two of the best food items to combine with them. Greasy food items will also be perfect partners with truffles.

Truffles Make Everything Better

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Benefits Of Having Family Meals

healthy_family_eating_largeNowadays, families are always in a rush. Parents are busy with their two or three jobs while children are busy with their school and extra-curricular activities. Because of this, parents and children have less time to sit down and eat together during meal times. They often go to fast food chains to grab their meals. Busyness and the modern times could be acceptable reasons for this. However, every family today must take the extra effort to cook meals at home and eat together. According to paediatrics specialists, doing so is important in keeping children from being obese.

When family members gather together, parents are able to assess their children’s and their own eating habits and food preferences. Parents can put limit to the amount of unhealthy food their children take. Then, they can slowly replace them with healthier dishes. Moreover, family mealtimes can help parents and children alike beat over eating. Having access to food only at specific hours in the morning, afternoon and evening will help family members in training themselves cut impulsive eating. They will eat only when hungry and so they can shed the extra pounds they might have gained over many years of fast food eating.