What to Do When a Family Member Gets Arrested

It’s past midnight, and the police calls to tell you that your loved one has been arrested. What are you going to do? First of all, don’t panic. Stay calm and observe the following guidelines on how to deal appropriately with such an unfortunate situation.

1) Keep yourself from getting arrested too. If you’re able to reach your loved one at the location or scene of the arrest, behave appropriately around the police officers. Control your emotions. Avoid cursing or speaking rudely to the police officers or to anyone who may also be involved at the crime scene.

2) Ask why your loved one is being arrested. Instead of stopping the arrest, ask the police officers politely about the charge or charges against your loved one. Look it up in your state’s penal code and check to see if everything that happened might have been caused simply by a misunderstanding.

3) Ask where your loved one will be taken. Ask the arresting officers where your family member will be jailed. Make a mental note of the things you might need to prepare so you can get him or her out of the jail right away. Read this detailed infographic from Bail Bonds DIRECT for some tips.


4) Call another family member. Is there a lawyer in the family? You might have another family member or relative who is more well-versed about the law or knows a professional who can bail someone one out. Call him or her right away especially if you don’t have the capacity to get your jailed loved one out.

5) Remind your loved one that anything he says or does can be used against him or her. Your loved one’s every movement is monitored closely once he or she gets jailed. Remind your family member that any call he or she makes from the jail might be recorded. Therefore, discussion or sharing of any information that can be used against him or her must be avoided.

The above-mentioned guidelines intend to provide an overview of what you must do in case a family member or loved one gets arrested. They can help you remain calm and organized in such a situation. However, they should not be considered as a replacement for legal advice or service from a lawyer.


Why Kids Need Friends or Frienships

kidsBelieve it or not, kids needs friends not only for fun or play. They need friends in order to grow up as well-rounded individuals. In fact, many studies in the field of child psychology have proven this. Here are some truths which have been derived from these studies.

1) Creating friendships develops life skills that will increase your child’s wisdom, confidence and self-esteem.

2) Children will learn the meaning of true friendship. They will learn that a good friend will have their best interests at heart and have their back. Someone who is not your friend will not have these qualities.

3) They will learn how to deal with conflict and adversity. Conflict does arise among friends and as parents you will find perfect opportunities to teach your children how to navigate through conflict.

4) They will have peers to communicate their concerns, dreams and fears which will make them feel less alone and isolated.

5) When they become older, they will have childhood memories to fall back on- remembering how joyful it was like to hang out with friends.

6) If you as parents sharply curtail your children’s use of video games, texting and other electronics; children playing together will learn to create interesting, collaborative activities.

7) The children will get a sense of building their own community when they establish new friendships.

8) The opportunity to develop leadership skills increases as children play with other children.

9) The ability to make decisions is increased when children play with peers without micromanaging from adults.

10) The opportunity of playing freely with other children helps them develop their imagination which is important for a child’s development.

11) Playing with a several children will allow them to know how other families operate and they won’t feel shocked when faced with a family situation that is somewhat different from their own.

Things to Remember about Kids with Anxiety

Loving and raising a child with anxiety could be very challenging but it is not impossible. You simply need to understand their traits and the way they think.  Read the following ideas if you still don’t know what makes your child tick or how to deal with her or him.


Kids with anxiety need your full support. It may seem that your child doesn’t pay attention to the support you provide but you can be assured that your support doesn’t go unmissed. Kids with anxiety over think a lot. They over think about so many things and these include the support that they get from the people they love.

Kids with anxiety communicate their feelings clearly. They like to talk and speak for themselves. If your child is quiet and doesn’t tell you how she feels, it’s because she chooses not to and this is isn’t caused by her anxiety.

Kids with anxiety get tired easily. Anxiety could be exhausting and not many people can understand that. Be reminded that your kid’s mind is always alert. She’d be ready to fight or fly with lots of thoughts floating in her head. So, be on guard about your reactions and responses to her.

Kids with anxiety get overwhelmed easily. Your kid might not find it enjoyable to try new things or go to different places every week. Kids with anxiety want to be fully aware of what will happen around them. If you don’t want your kid to settle for the same thing or situation, encourage her to relax and let her defenses down a bit so she can enjoy a wonderful time with you.

Why Bike with Your Family Today?

Have you ever tried taking your family to places on a bike? If you have not, there are actually many reasons that encourage you to try this today. A few of them are stated below.

A family that bikes together, stays together.
A family that bikes together, stays together.

Healthy family – Cardiovascular diseases happen when the heart is not exercised as it fails to pump enough blood for all the organs in the body. Other diseases challenging the health of individuals today come from increased level of blood sugar and calories in the body. By using your entire body to get your bike on the road, you can toss the excess calories and sugar out of your body.

Heavy traffic immunity – Getting stuck in traffic makes you feel stressed early in the morning. If you bike, you can take the inside streets to your different places and not the main ones which motorists take.

Great savings – Saved money for not spending on gas, car insurance, registration and maintenance is one of the greatest benefits of bike riding. You can then use your savings to invest on more worthwhile things which can generate more income for you in the end.

Free workout – If you lack budget for expensive gym memberships, you can turn to riding bicycles to keep yourself in top shape. This can also save you from buying pieces of equipment for exercise which often end up dusty and unused in one corner of our homes. Studies show that consistent pedaling can trim your waistline in a much faster phase.

Younger mind and body – Biking puts all your muscles, joints and sense organs to work. As we all know, the more we exercise the more energetic we get. Furthermore, we think faster than ever. When you are on the road, all your senses must be awake to avoid accidents. Biking along beautiful sceneries can stir positive emotions and thoughts in you and your family. What a great way to make good memories together.

How to Celebrate the Season of Love with Your Whole Family

Valentine’s Day is not all about romantic love. In truth, it is about celebrating all kinds of love. Are you looking for ways to celebrate this special day with your family? Check out the following ideas.

Schedule a family day out. When you did not have kids yet, you probably spend this day on a cruise or  a simple dinner date.  Now that you cannot leave your kids behind you can plan to have a night stroll in the park. Drop by the nearest ice skating rink and spend a couple of hours or more there. Hold hands and skate with the kids. Have some  hot choco and donuts on your way home. Don’t forget to buy the kids heart-shaped balloons and teddy bears for remembrance.

Have a movie marathon at home.  Relax on the couch together with the kids. Flick the channels and see if there are must-see  family-oriented movies to be watched on this special day. If there are none, stick in the player the disc of your kids’ favorite movie. Don’t forget the pop corn. Cuddle each other as you watch.

Host a party at home. Many couples out there are spending Valentine’s Day with their kids too. Hosting a Valentine’s Day themed party at your house. Invite kids in your neighborhood to come together with their parents. Prepare craft materials that the kids will enjoy doing. You can ask their parents to bring some dishes enough to be shared among yourselves. While the kids are having, you can share meaningful conversations with other couples.

You can also watch this news video clip I stumbled upon. This is an example of a great activity that you can organize for your kids and family.

Benefits Of Having Family Meals

healthy_family_eating_largeNowadays, families are always in a rush. Parents are busy with their two or three jobs while children are busy with their school and extra-curricular activities. Because of this, parents and children have less time to sit down and eat together during meal times. They often go to fast food chains to grab their meals. Busyness and the modern times could be acceptable reasons for this. However, every family today must take the extra effort to cook meals at home and eat together. According to paediatrics specialists, doing so is important in keeping children from being obese.

When family members gather together, parents are able to assess their children’s and their own eating habits and food preferences. Parents can put limit to the amount of unhealthy food their children take. Then, they can slowly replace them with healthier dishes. Moreover, family mealtimes can help parents and children alike beat over eating. Having access to food only at specific hours in the morning, afternoon and evening will help family members in training themselves cut impulsive eating. They will eat only when hungry and so they can shed the extra pounds they might have gained over many years of fast food eating.

Fun Baby And Mommy Activities

Moms play a vital role in our children’s full sensory development. We can do this by simply playing with them wherever we may be – indoors or outdoors – and with whatever prop we can find at home. When inside the house, gather things with different textures. Be sure that they are safe to touch because babies’ skin can bruise and cut easily. Smooth plastic bottles, spiked  balls, sand paper, sponge and layered table mats are great to use. Guide your baby into touching each of them and note her reactions.

If you get the time to visit a park early in the morning, choose a clear spot on the grass where you can rest. Let your baby to move out of the blanket and feel her way onto the grass. Allow her to touch, pull or lay on the grass.  It would be nice if she can catch some sunlight when she lays on the grass so that she can feel the nature around her.

When together, do not forget to hug, kiss and massage your baby. This is a fun activity that will not only make her laugh when she’s ticklish. This will also make her feel confident as she can sense your presence around her. And it can relieve stress on your part as you see and hear her happy.