Top Tips on Buying Kids’ Clothes without Overspending

Shopping for clothes is one of the many things that can ruin your budget instantly. This is specifically true when you have three or more kids who need new clothes every now and then. Here are some tricks I observe when buying my kids some clothes.

Start at Low-End Retailers. People with money to spare usually have a lot of good clothes which they sell after a single use. They also change as many clothes as they can every season. Moreover, they don’t care about selling them in low prices just to have enough closet space for their new clothes. You can find such clothes in yard sales, thrift stores and consignment shops. Clothes available in these places come in broken sizes. So, you’re most likely to bring home five clothes or less during your first trip. It’s still a good catch specifically if you’re able to buy them at 75% less than its original price.

Choose quality clothes. Quality clothes definitely cost more but you can use them over and over for a long time. Branded clothes are made of quality materials  which makes them look good even after you’ve washed them a hundred times already. If you want to check whether you’re able to save more money from buying quality clothes, divide the cost of your branded shirt or jeans with the number of times you’ve used them.

Shop for opposite seasons. Retailers who want to get rid of all their summer clothing items will definitely put their merchandise on sale during winter. Apart from saving a lot of money, this allows you to save time preparing for your summer outfit.




How to Care for Your Dress Shirt

Dress shirts are really nice to wear for us moms especially when we need to look classy. We can pair them with dark denim pants or light colored dress pants when going to work or to our kids’ school for a PTC.

In order to look good in  this piece of clothing, you understand the proper way to wash and press it. No matter how expensive yours dress shirt is, it will look  unfashionable without proper care. Ready fro some shirt cleaning tips? Sit back and read up.

#1 Check the pockets and the cufflinks for anything inserted in them. Afterwards, search the whole shirt for any stain. The collar, cuffs, under the arms or on the front are the common areas where stains are evident. Use a stain stick as soon as you spot any stain on the shirt. For stains characterized by a ball point ink especially in the pockets, you can choose to clip the affected spot. Otherwise, you can apply some milk on the spot as natural remedy.

#2 To have a soapy washing mixture, add some gentle detergent. Mix the water and detergent well. Then, soak the shirt in the soapy mixture. Let it stay there for a maximum of ten minutes. If you are using a washing machine, gentle cycle is recommended. If you are going to wash it by hand, ensure the rub it gently. Gentle washing will prevent the fabric from unwanted damages. Perhaps, you notice that the collars and sleeves have accumulated much dirt. Apply some detergent directly on to these parts. Rub them with much pressure than before until the dirt disappears. Leave your shirt to a five-minute soak. Afterwards, rinse it well with clean water.

#3 Your formal dress shirts can be placed in a machine dryer to remove excess water after the rinse. If you do not want your tops to shrink, refrain from wrinkling them when draining excess water off them. To let them dry in the air, use non-metal and non-wooden hangers. Why? Metal hangers accumulate rust when wet while wooden ones may fade. Using either of the two can stain your elegant top. With such consideration, use plastic hangers.

#5 To keep the entire shirt from wrinkling while in the process of ironing, it is best to start pressing the sleeves first. This is because they can be left dangling without getting crumpled once you iron the other parts. Open the cuffs and lay the collar flat on the board when ironing them respectively. Iron the front part first followed by the back part.