Cleaning Tips for Those Who Love To Cook

If you love to cook, you probably have a messy kitchen. This is quite a challenge to many people who do home cooking all the time. While this might seem like a very difficult challenge to overcome, there are many things you can do to achieve a clean and organized kitchen. Read up.

Clean your counter top right away. Remove the chaff and other peelings from your counter tops as soon as you’re done slicing. This is the best way to keep trash from piling up and from making your cooking area a total mess. you need to be intentional in keeping your kitchen clean all the time.

Clean the sink. Cleaning the sink is one of the many things you can do while waiting for your dishes to be ready for serving. Rinse your sink as soon as you’re done using it as acid and salt from food can easily damage your sink. You can avoid grime and bacteria build-ups through regular scrubbing of your sink.

Clean your kitchen appliances smartly. It’s tempting to leave blenders, food processors and ovens unclean because they can be hard to clean sometimes. Instead of scrubbing the blades of your blenders and food processors, fill it warm water and a drop of dish washing liquid in it and turn it to high. Afterwards, rinse it with water. This will keep the food residues from caking inside your food processor. As for your oven, you must consider cleaning it right away as well. Soak the wire racks in soapy water. Create a cleansing paste using baking soda and water. Apply the paste on the insides of your oven and leave it that way overnight. Wipe it off the next day. Then, sprinkle vinegar on the insides of the oven. This will remove traces of bad odor left in your oven. Finally, wipe all the areas clean with damp cloth.