Customized Jewelry: The Why and How of Owning One

Life is too short to wear a boring jewelry.


A custom-made jewelry overflows with originality and personality. The uniqueness of an ornament actually surfaces when it is bespoke. This means it is tailored-cut for a certain person or event. An individual may have his personal requirements as he pictures the perfect piece in his mind. Such efforts, in the long run, make a piece of jewelry extra special and appreciating in sentimental value through time. Here is where the personality of the giver affects the originality of the masterpiece.

When personalizing jewelry pieces, consider the type and materials that you want. Bracelets, necklaces, pendants and rings – these are the common types to choose from. Afterwards, decide on the precious metals and stones you want your masterpiece to be made of. Perhaps, you want a gem of your favorite color or gold metal symbolizing the years of your marriage. Ensure too that the jewelry size fits the wearer. Anything that is too fit or too lose might end up unappreciated and not worn at all.

Get in touch with a customized jewelry designer who can come up with a computer aided design for you. With his skills, your design will be created in the computer so as to make it appear in 3D. This will help you see how the finished product would look like in reel. And so, you can make needed changes to your design before you have it physically crafted.

Now that you are settled with the design, probe about the cost. This should include the cost of the materials and the professional fee of your designer or jeweler. Going to jewelry shops to look for a jeweler may not be cost-effective on your part. Contact jewelers operating from a workshop rather than a popular store. This may be time-consuming but this will help you save money. However, if you have money to spare and you are pressed against a deadline, doing business with top jewelry shops would be more advisable as they can accommodate abrupt purchase or deals.